FAQ: Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, How To Increase Animal Care?

You can increase your Animal Care by stocking up on Fodder and Water Troughs in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Lastly, you can increase your farm rating in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles by staying on top of Animal Care.

Can you breed animals in yonder?

Later in the game you can breed animals, which is pretty much a cuteness overload. The only major downside to the game is the lack of voice over.

How do I raise my Yonder happiness?

The region’s happiness can be increased in a variety of ways:

  1. Clearing the Murk. The more Murk is cleared in the region the happier that region is.
  2. Farming. See Farm Rating for details.
  3. Finding the sprites. The more sprites you find in the region the happier that region is.
  4. Completing quests.
  5. Planting trees.

How do you feed farm animals yonder?

After placing the appropriate structure interact with the animal while having their favorite food in inventory. You can now feed the animal until it follows you, then walk it back to your farm (feeding it more if necessary) and adopt it.

How do you get poutine yonder?

Poutine is crafted by Master Chef using:

  1. 1x Chef’s Kit.
  2. 1x French Fries.
  3. 2x Cheese.
  4. 2x Herbs.
  5. 1x Oil.
  6. 1x Seasoning.
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Where is the farm book in yonder?

Hearthwind Farm Location Hearthwind Farm is in the Hearthwind Vale. It can be pretty hard to get since it is so high. You need to clear some Murk and repair the. Get to the Sage Stone, then go up on the plateau, through a small cave to the west, and you can build this farm.

How do I raise my farm value for yonder?

To increase your Value Produced, you’ll need to create Garden Plots, then plant Seeds in these plots. In doing so, you’ll be able to bump up your Value Produced to its max level.

Where is Farm in Hearthwind Vale yonder?

The Hearthwind Farm is on the plateau west of the Sage Stone, through the small cave. A lot of fish species are found in Hearthwind Vale.

How do you get food in yonder?

Food is a type of resources in Yonder. There are several ways to get food in the game: it can be gathered, grown or produced on a farm, traded for, or crafted.

How do you warm milk yonder?

Warm Milk is crafted by Wayfarer using:

  1. 1x Groffle Milk.
  2. 1x Coal.

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