Often asked: What Is A Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control Hobby Breeder Permit?

For information about obtaining a Hobby Breeder permit, a permit to legally breed up to 19 puppies or kittens per year in Palm Beach County, please call 561-233-1200 or click here to e-mail. The annual permit fee is $150, which is due in January of each year.

Does a hobby breeder need a license?

Hobby breeders, or people who mainly show or train dogs, may only have litters every year or so. They don’t need a licence to do that, and they could still be responsibly breeding happy and healthy dogs you’d be lucky to have in your family. Walk away from the litter and contact their local authority.

How many dogs can you have as a hobby breeder?

Generally, though not always, a commercial dog breeder is defined as someone who breeds a large number of dogs ( usually 20 or more ) within a certain time frame (usually 12 months). This definition does not typically include a person who breeds a litter or two every year as a hobby (usually termed a “hobby breeder”).

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Do I need a licence to breed and sell dogs?

If you intend to breed dogs for sale, you need a licence regardless of the type of property you are operating from, even if it is your home. You will need a licence if you want to breed dogs and are breeding: three or more litters of puppies per year (unless you can show that none of the puppies has been sold)

Is feeding feral cats in Palm Beach County illegal?

Palm Beach and Broward counties do not ban the feeding of feral cats, but do encourage people who tend feral colonies to have the cats fixed and vaccinated against rabies. “If you are going to care for cats, feeding alone is not enough,” said Diane Suave, director of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

What is a hobby breeder?

A person who breeds several show litters a year is called a “hobby breeder”. Hobby breeders are perhaps the best option for most people looking for a healthy and characteristic purebred dog.

Do you have to be a registered breeder to sell puppies?

Breeders can only sell puppies they have bred themselves, and only from the place the puppy was bred and reared. Puppies must be 8 weeks old before they can be sold or leave their mum.

Can you get in trouble for breeding dogs?

When Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 485 into law, California became the first state to ban commercially bred dogs, cats and rabbits.

What are the rules for breeding dogs?

In NSW all cats and dogs, except exempt cats and dogs, must be registered with the local council, in whose area they are ordinarily kept, by 6 months of age. This includes breeding cats and dogs.

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Should puppies be vet checked before buying?

A vet should have checked the puppies within their first few weeks to identify any health issues. Puppies should be being weighed regularly to ensure they are putting on weight at the expected rate.

What does the stud owner get?

In exchange for services, the stud owner will receive a stud fee and will usually be guaranteed the first pick of the litter if breeding is successful. The service also extends beyond just purely allowing a dam to mate with a stud.

How many cats can you legally have in Florida?

As it stands now, a person can legally own up to 40 unsterilized cats and dogs without any required inspection.

Are feral cats considered wild animals?

Feral domestic cats would almost certainly not be considered wild animals, since domestic cats have, by definition, been generally domesticated and are generally unlikely to cause personal injury.

Does Palm Beach allow dogs?

In fact, there are two popular beach cities where you and your dog can frolic in the sea. Jupiter Dog Beach is a 2.5 mile stretch of beach allocated specifically for dogs. It is the only free dog beach in The Palm Beaches, you and your canine can enjoy the sand anytime of the day.

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